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How’s your stress level thru all this? How’s your sleep? I have faith we can only go up from here. We HAVE to. I believe good people are doing great work right now. And I believe God is good. Changes & better days are imminent.⁣

5 things that might help you cope with the stress/pain/anxiety:⁣

🙏🏻Pray and/or meditate⁣
🚶‍♀️Start your day with your Solemate Workout ⁣
📝Put in your phone notes or #pushjournal what’s swirling in your head before bed🙇🏼‍♀️ & in the morning, and organize your thoughts/ideas into action steps that you prioritize⁣.⁣
📲Educate yourself with a new podcast or book⁣
⚠️Catch yourself if you find you’re habitually turning to toxic food, toxic people or alcohol for comfort

Maui Self Care : Team
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